International Engagement Experiences

The Global Engagement Scholars Program (GESP) is designed to complement academic learning with experiential-based learning. Prior to completing the GESP, students must intentionally engage with global/international experiences, even if they are unable to participate in a study abroad experience. Completion of the following activities is required to satisfy the international experience.

Below is a breakdown of the experiential options connected with the GESP. While international experiences are separated into various categories, there is a set minimum requirement associated with certain categories such as short-term education abroad. Please review each category expectations below to select an appropriate category for GESP completion. Students must choose one of the following five categories to complete the International Experience component of the GESP requirements:

Education Abroad Experiences

Whether an education abroad experience satisfies the International Experience requirement depends on the length of the program.

  • Successfully complete (with receipt of grades of C or higher) a UNC Charlotte approved program for one academic semester (approved by the Office of Education Abroad).
  • Successfully complete a 3 week summer study abroad experience approved by the Office of Education Abroad.
  • Participate in one UNC Charlotte’s faculty-led, short-term study abroad courses from any academic discipline (with a minimum of three credit units) (approved by the Office of Education Abroad)

Visit the Office of Education Abroad website for information on study abroad options and study abroad scholarship information:

A Globally Networked Learning (GNL) Course

Globally Networked Learning courses allows students to collaborate with students from another country on a particular project via virtual exchange.  This experience allows students to develop competencies and skills for working in multicultural teams. Currently there is no list of courses being offered.  For more information, please review the GNL website.

Internationally Focused Living-Learning/Thematic Programs

UNC Charlotte offers several living-learning and thematic internationally-focused communities. Through participation in the programs, students fulfill engagement requirements with an international emphasis.

Living-learning & thematic options approved for the GESP include:

Participation in and successful completion of the Global Gateways Program for a minimum of one semester.

Completion of participation in the Global Village Learning Community.

Internationally Focused Internships

Students must successfully complete an internship that has an international emphasis and focuses on building intercultural/international competencies. Students must complete a minimum of 120 hours spanning a period of at least six (6) week in a selected internship. Internships can be overseas or in the USA. Listing of opportunities are available in the Career Services Center, and online through the GoinGlobal portal (pre-approved by GESP Coordinator)

Pre-approved Internships

Internationally Focused Volunteer and/or Service Learning

Students must successfully complete an international service-learning program or volunteer experience that has an international emphasis and requires a minimum of 30 hours, either located overseas or in the USA (pre-approval required by GESP Coordinator). Students are responsible for identifying, applying to, and successfully completing the volunteer experience.

Pre-approved Organizations & Programs


Other international experiences of similar length and international focus may be petitioned for approval. For example, a student volunteering and/or presenting research at an international conference (in the USA or abroad) could submit the experience for approval review. Please request a meeting with the GESP Coordinator if you have a proposal to discuss to meet the International Experience requirements.