Recipients of the International Education Award

International Education Awards have been given since 1995 to recognize faculty for outstanding contributions to the enhancement of the international education experience at UNC Charlotte and to recognize students for outstanding contributions to and involvement in international programs and studies at UNC Charlotte. You may view all awardees in both the Faculty and Student categories. You may also view photos from the more recent International Education Award Ceremonies.

Faculty Award

The Faculty Award recognizes a faculty member for his/her outstanding contributions to the enhancement of the international education experience at UNC Charlotte. Areas of excellence may include: teaching, research, curriculum development, program development, grant writing, university service, and/or community service. To be eligible for this award, individuals must hold a full-time faculty appointment at UNC Charlotte and must have held this appointment for at least three years. Individuals may receive the award only once. Deans, chairs, and full-time administrators are not eligible.

Recipients of the Faculty Award

  • Adriana Medina, Department of Reading and Elementary Education, 2023
  • Erik Byker, Department of Reading and Elementary Education, 2020
  • Chuang Wang, Department of Educational Leadership, 2019
  • Anabel-Isabel Aliaga-Buchenau, Languages and Culture Studies, 2018
  • Michèle Bissière, Languages and Culture Studies, 2017
  • Scott Fitzgerald, Sociology, 2016
  • No Recipient, 2015*
  • Fumie Kato, Languages & Culture Studies, 2014
  • Maren Coffman, School of Nursing, 2013
  • Diana Rowan, Social Work, 2012
  • Jerry Davila, History, 2011
  • Corey Lock, Education Leadership, 2010
  • William (Bill) Gay, Philosophy, 2009
  • Judy Aulette, Sociology & Anthropology, 2008
  • Jurgen Buchenau, History, 2007
  • Paul Friday, Criminal Justice, 2006
  • Jeffrey Meyer, Religious Studies, 2005
  • Lyman Johnson, History, 2004
  • C.D. (Denny) Fernald, Psychology, 2003
  • Robert Reimer, Languages and Culture Studies, 2002
  • Alan Shao, Marketing, 2001
  • Michael Doyle, Languages and Culture Studies, 2000
  • Cynthia Combs, Political Science, 1999
  • Nelson Benzing, College of Architecture, 1998
  • Martha Miller, Foreign Languages, 1997
  • Ignatius Toner, Psychology, 1996
  • Harry Chernotsky, Political Science, 1995

Student Award

The Student Award recognizes outstanding contributions and involvement in international programs and studies at UNC Charlotte.

Eligibility criteria include

  • Enrollment in a full-time degree granting program
  • Undergraduate students must be at the junior level or above and graduate students must have completed at least one semester.
  • 3.0 GPA for undergraduates and 3.5 for graduates.
  • Significant involvement in academic, service and/or co-curricular activities with an international focus.
  • A student may receive the award only once.

Recipients of the Student Award

  • Eniolaoluwa Ogunyemi, Biology and Psychology, 2023
  • Maria Cruzat, Public Health, International Studies, Spanish, 2020
  • Maria P. Garcia, International Studies, 2019
  • Scott Schreiber, Computer Science, 2018
  • Noah Vetter, International Studies, 2017
  • Mary Elizabeth Moore, Latin American Studies, 2016
  • No Recipient, 2015*
  • Myron McKenzie, Spanish, 2014
  • Kristin Shattuck, International Studies, 2013
  • No Recipient, 2012
  • Qingli Meng, 2011
  • Lalit Mandal, 2010
  • Stephanie Miller, 2009
  • Richard Marcano, 2008
  • Gustavo Borel, 2007
  • Jenny Michelle Person, 2006
  • Eunjung Nam, 2005
  • Kinyata Adams, 2004
  • Alicia Williams, 2003
  • Lee Vang, 2002
  • Clayton Crawley, 2001
  • Alok Nanavaty, 2000
  • Bryan Harman, 1999
  • Cynthia Turner, 1998
  • LaShone Gibson, 1997
  • Donna Schlatter, 1996
  • Bertan Akin, 1995

*Note: For 2015 the traditional International Education Awards program was replaced with a celebration and acknowledgement of Ms. Marian Beane, founder of the Mu Chapter of PBD and campus coordinator for 28 years. Under her leadership, the Mu Chapter received three Outstanding Chapter Award in 1995, 2004, and 2010. In 2015 Marian received the Edward S. Blankenship Outstanding Staff Award. The Honor Society also has a standing award issued in Marian’s name for US domestic student engagement in international initiatives: the Marian Beane/Charles Gliozzo Domestic Student Award for International Achievement.